How To Add/Insert A Link In WordPress

Below we are going to show you how to How To Add/Insert A Link In WordPress

To add a link to your WordPress page or post, highlight the word that you want to make the link (ideally this should be a keyword to help with your SEO). Then click on the insert/edit link button as shown isn the image below.

How to insert/edit a link in WordPress

A pop up window will appear which will allow you to add or edit a hyperlink. You can add your link here and click apply or click on the cog icon to the right to allow more options. I would suggest you get used to using the cog icon. See below outlined by red box.

How to insert/edit a link in WordPress

When you click the cog icon you will get another pop up window as below screenshot.

How to insert/edit a link in WordPress

Starting from the top:

URL – this is where you can add the address of the website or page where you want the link to take users to.

Link Title – This is exactly what it says it is, the title of the link. When users hover over the link with their mouse they will this text.

Open Link In A New Tab – This is useful when linking to an external page on another website. For example if you don’t tick the box, when a user clicks the link it will open the website link and leave your website if you do check the box then it will open up a new browser window leaving your website open too.

Search – If you want to link to an existing page or blog post you can type the name in here and when you see it in the preview below you can click to choose it or simply browse the list the current list that is automatically shown at the bottom of the window. This will generate the url and the title link for you.

Add Link – When your happy with the result simply click on the ‘Add Link’ button at the bottom right of the box.

There you go, you have now learnt How To Add/Insert A Link In WordPress.


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