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A Mobile Website Is Crucial To Your Business

Mobile web is exploding and people are spending more time on their mobile phones. People are looking for your services from mobile devices more and more these days and using them to buy goods too. But it’s not just that you should be worried about. Google will rank your obese higher if it is mobile responsive.

It’s surprising how many websites that are out there that aren’t mobile friendly. cre8 website design websites are mobile responsive, so when you buy a website from us, you can rest assured yours is.

The majority of people use smart phones to search for local businesses at night in front of the tv, on the way home on the bus/train, in work etc. As soon as they hit a website that they can’t navigate or view easily on their phone, they quickly exit the site and move on. Most companies are missing out on some SERIOUS business by not having mobile-friendly websites.

There are 4 billion mobile phones in active use worldwide: 4 times more than PCs. In 2009, mobile web usage increased 148% globally (Source: Quantcast) and the numbers continue to rise. In fact, by the end of 2013, customers using the mobile web are projected to grow to 1 billion.

Mobile internet usage grew by 267% in 2010, and research has shown that half of mobile shoppers use their phones whilst watching TV, 1 in 6 on the bus and 1 in 4 during their daily commute.

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