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As we already know “Content Is King” but equally having a video on your website is of great value. We have seen that having video on your website engages viewers and potential clients, keeping them on your site longer and ranking better in Google.

Q. Should you have a website video on your website?

A. The simple answer is yes.


Q. Why Do I Need A Website Video?

A. Website Videos:

  • are engaging and they have an instant impact, providing the perfect introduction to your products and services
  • keep visitors on your website page longer
  • can work in selling or promoting your business, product, idea or brand
  • are the next best thing to face-to-face communication with your potential customers
  • are a very powerful and fast way of people getting to know you and your company better
  • gives you a more human, approachable, clear communicating and distinction from competitor sites
  • can raise a websites all-important rankings on Google and other search engines
  • improves conversion rates on websites
  • are ideal for product demonstration
  • keep a viewer on your website for longer, which in turn will boost your search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • are just like having your own personal TV add on your website
  • are a great way to get a message to your potential customers
  • are personal and gives the potential customer confidence in your business
  • are a great way to showcase a new product
  • mobile users get a better experience by being able to watch rather than reading
  • your prospects spend a lot of time watching and sharing videos online
  • add a high level of credibility.


Q. How Long Should My Website Video Be?

A. website video should be about a minute long. Remember it is important to also get the look of the video right, make sure the thumbnail you use will attract the viewer to click play and the video length is right (a long video can put people off clicking the play button).


Q. Should My Video Be Professionally Produced?

A. I think there is a Yes and No answer to this. We at cre8 website design have had our video professionally filmed in a green screen studio and it cost us £190 which has been one of the best investments we have made. We get great feedback and have had clients call and say that it was the video that prompted them to pick up the phone and speak to us. So I would say if you have the money then you won’t regret it. I would also suggest you write your script or draft out what you want to get across in your video and then pass to a good copywriter to format the script for you.

On the other hand we have also seen some great videos that have been filmed by clients on mobile devices and  videos that look just as good. But we have also seen some that are really bad.

The thing to remember is to make sure your video does look professional and that is hasn’t been filmed by a child or done as a last minute thought, think about the location, the light and the script.


Q. What Content Should Be In My Website Video?

A. This is different for every business but a general rule of thumb is to include some of the below:

  • client testimonials
  • a short introduction with an insight to your business
  • demonstrate your product in use
  • showing/telling the viewer how your service will benefit them
  • promote your usp or guarantee
  • direct them to where you want them to go or what to do
  • a good call to action

What your aiming to do is to engage, grab their attention and connect with visitors to your website. With the right script, you can engage and maintain the visitors interest and encourage them to use your services.

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